Analyse: Lyxor UCITS ETF EuroMTS Highest Rated Macro-Weighted Govt Bond

Dieser Bond-ETF umfasst nur die top-gerateten Schuldner der Eurozone und ist zudem nach vier Makroökonomischen Faktoren gewichtet. Sicherheit steht hier also vor Rendite.

Jose Garcia Zarate 21.02.2014
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Rolle im Portfolio

The Lyxor EuroMTS Highest Rated Macro-Weighted Government Bond ETF – previously Lyxor EuroMTS AAA Government Bond - offers investors exposure to the entire maturity spectrum of top-rated Eurozone government bonds. The ETF tracks a fundamentally-weighted index which assigns individual country weights on the basis of a series of key macroeconomic indicators. This aims to address commonly cited pitfalls of market capitalisation fixed income indices such as the over-exposure to heavily indebted constituents.    

The restriction in terms of credit rating and the reference to a macro-weighted fixed income index afford this ETF something of a dual role in a Eurozone-centric investment portfolio. Investors with low tolerance to risk are likely to use it as a core fixed income building block, offering the necessary counterweight to Eurozone equity fund exposure; particularly useful at times of economic downturn. Meanwhile investors with a more daring attitude to risk may prefer to use it as a satellite component, a sort of hedge or cushion to a core made up of an ETF encompassing all Eurozone issuers irrespective of credit standing.

This ETF can also work tactically, either as a complement or a hedging tool for investment portfolios with exposure to other geographical areas within the fixed income universe (e.g. UK, emerging European markets). However, foreign exchange considerations would need to be taken into account, particularly so if the ETF is to be used as part of a hedging strategy.

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Jose Garcia Zarate  ist Senior ETF Analyst bei Morningstar