Analyse: iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF

Wer einen breit diversifizierten Zugang zu prominenten US-Technologie- und Konsumgüterunternehmen wie Apple, Microsoft oder Google sucht, ist mit diesem Aktien-ETF gut bedient.

Rolle im Portfolio

The iShares NASDAQ 100 provides exposure to the largest non-financial equities listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market and as such, it can be used as a core portfolio holding. The NASDAQ 100 Index is commonly known as “the” US technology benchmark because of its high concentration of technology companies. The tech sector encompasses everything from computer hardware and software to telecommunications and represents almost two thirds of the index’s value. As such, this fund could appeal to investors looking to add a “tech” tilt to a well-diversified portfolio. However investors should be aware that from the perspective of individual names, this ETF is heavily biased towards Apple which accounts for 13% of its market capitalisation. 

This fund can also serve as a tactical tool for those looking to place a bet on the near-to-medium-term prospects of the US large cap equity market--excluding financials--and the US technology industry in particular, under the belief that they are undervalued.

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