Update: UBS ETF MSCI World ETF

Dieser ETF vereint die wichtigsten Aktienmärkte der Industrieländer und könnte Anlegern mit dem US-Übergewicht bei einem starken Wachstum der Weltwirtschaft zu einer auskömmlichen Performance verhelfen. Die Dominanz von US-Aktien wird der Performance freilich nicht in jeder Marktphase gut tun.

We think this exchange-traded fund offers a sensible approach to gain exposure to the global equity market, but there are lower-cost and better-performing direct alternatives. The fund’s portfolio aims to represent approximately 85% of the global developed equity market. By construction, in comparison with other offerings in the global large-blend Morningstar Category, the MSCI World Index will always have a slight overweighting to large caps at the expense of mid- and small caps, and an underweighting to emerging markets. However, it stands as an adequate representation of the opportunity set available to investors. 

At 0.30%, the fund’s ongoing charge is above average when compared with other world equity ETFs. The fund has shown superior risk-adjusted performance during the trailing three- and five-year periods relative to peers in the category, which include actively managed funds. Other funds tracking the same benchmark have delivered similar performance in 10 years, ranking in the first quartile.  

In terms of tracking performance, it has lagged both its benchmark and direct competitors. We attribute this to the fact that Luxembourg-domiciled funds pay the full withholding tax on US equities, which in this case represents more than half of the fund portfolio. Moreover, the fund is fully replicated, which constrains the portfolio managers.  

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