Update: iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond USD ETF

Dieser ETF dürfte Anlegern in einem Umfeld weltweit steigender Inflation gute Dienste leisten.

This ETF tracks a US-dollar-denominated index with unhedged returns. This means that performance will be constantly affected by foreign-exchange fluctuations whose net effect on returns over the long term is very difficult to predict.

Compared with its Morningstar Category peers--including actively managed funds--the performance record of this ETF on a calendar-year basis looks volatile, and this may be partly explained by specific foreignexchange effects during those isolated periods. However, on an annualised basis and adjusted for risk, the ETF’s cumulative returns have tended to rank in the first quartile or upper areas of the second over fivetrailing year period. This suggests that unfavourable short-term foreign-exchange effects may be ironed out over time.

The Barclays World Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index measures the aggregate performance of the major government inflation-linked bond markets. Issuing sovereigns must have an investment-grade credit rating and a minimum total market size of at least USD 4 billion in inflation-linked bonds. Issuers are statistically weighted by market capitalisation.

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