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Sustainable Investing

Morningstar Sustainability Rating: Explained

The new Morningstar Sustainability Rating came into effect in November 2019. Morningstar's Hortense Bioy says it's now easier to compare funds' ESG credentials

  • IA Introduces Guidelines for ESG Investing

    Investment trade body urges industry to adopt a common language to help people better understand sustainable investing

  • How to Become an ESG Investor

    Interactive investor's Jemma Jackson talks about how investors can get their head around confusing ESG terminology

  • Bond Funds for Ethical Investors

    Ethical bond fund managers reveal which sectors and themes they favour and why UK government debt is not yet green enough

  • Good Money Week

    Our special report looks at all aspects of sustainable investing, including funds, gender diversity and how to get your head around the terminology

  • Will Electric Vehicles Hit the Mainstream?

    Vs are nice to look at but cost and battery life concerns may stop people buying them. In part three of our electric vehicle series, we look at whether EVs will make it to the mainstream

  • Is ESG Investing a Fad?

    Morningstar's Elizabeth Stuart explains some of the biggest themes in investing and why ESG is here to stay

  • Bonds for Social Impact Investing

    Simon Bond, manager of the Threadneedle UK Social Bond fund, argues that the social impact of bond investments are easier to track than with shares

  • The Best Performing ESG Funds - and the Worst

    ESG has become a trendy way to invest in recent years, but which funds are the ones worth backing, and which have been lagging?

  • Why Waste Matters for ESG Investors

    A circular economy needs businesses not just to maximise recycling and minimise waste but to fundamentally re-engineer their products and services